Collaborations - Web-based HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention:

  • In collaboration with, we produce and web stream HIV/AIDS education and prevention videos available around the world in multiple languages for free.  To date, our videos have garnered 1.6 million views worldwide, and we are currently in the process of translating three of the most viewed videos in 26 of the world’s most common languages.


Kern County High School District

  • Kern County High School District, located in Bakersfield, California has spent the last 20 years educating over 125,000 adolescents in the transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS. They are unique in that they are an abstinence based program that provides the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and testing curriculum I have seen.  We worked with them to assist in providing a video of HIV positive adolescents sharing their experiences.  Our goal is to utilize their curriculum in other educational arenas where comprehensive HIV/AIDS education and prevention is needed.

Shanti Orange County

  • We partnered with Shanti Orange County and Garden Grove Pharmacy to offer a workshop that (a) provided accurate, accessible information about the transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS and (b) addressed social barriers that exist for education and prevention efforts within the HIV/AIDS community.