quotes  Global Lifeworks has been the linchpin of AIDSvideos.org's Internet-based HIV/AIDS prevention education initiative. Dr. Kuhn has co-authored and presented 27 original videos in English that have been viewed over 300,000 times already. Scripts have already been translated into twelve other languages enabling people worldwide to learn livesaving information in their native tongues and motivating them to get tested and reduce their risk of contracting or transmitting HIV. Global Lifeworks is saving lives!    quotes

Eric Krock


   "All I can say is that this seminar has forever changed the rest of my life!  I came into the room dying from a sixteen year HIV/AIDS diagnosis, drug addicted, hopeless and existing, waiting to die.  By the last day I felt reconnected to life in the most profound and powerful way.  I didn't feel like I was all alone anymore, there were other who cared about me and understood me.  I discovered that I was still lovable and able to give love.  For the first time in my life I got that God wasn't through with me yet and that He had more work for me to do so I'd better get busy living again!"  

Loving Life,
Austin Nation


  The Discovery Seminar is a turning point that challenged me to focus on the way I have been influenced and indoctrinated by family, friends, culture and society.  I discovered the way I listen to what I want to hear from others and not necessarily what they said, thinking I understood them better than they could express themselves.  I now look at people's points of view instead of my view of them.  I also learned to focus on what I do, what I say, and the motivations from where they originate.  I came to understand the adjustments I needed to make to create space for the Lord and others in my life by taking a stand and fighting for what I am committed to instead of what I am limited to.